Woman of Distinction Award 2021

Nikki Ayers

The Woman of Distinction this year is none other than Nikki Ayers. Nikki has shown her leadership over the years. She has been involved in her own business for 38 years in Automotive Repairs. Women were not involved in those early days in that type of work. She was a trail blazer, offering successful Female Internships because she felt women offered a different perspective regarding empathy for the customer. Their shop implemented the first Family Service Day Program. She was involved in her business not only in her shop, but as Treasurer of the California Automotive Business Coalition.

Nikki is a past President of Santa Barbara Associates, for which she served more than 3 years. She made great changes to SBA, bringing it into the modern world of computers, adding a website for more information, developing e-mails for better communications, and updating our newsletters. Nikki is interested in her community and is involved in many local organizations. 

Thank you, Nikki, for your contribution to SBA and to Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara Associates Woman of Distinction 2021 Nikki Ayers